Throuble with arduino-cli command line

Démarré par gustavotm, Mars 27, 2020, 05:07:00 AM

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First of all, thank you for your awesome work! Blockly@rduino is basically all I was looking for!

Although, I have faced a few issues that maybe you could help me deal with:

1. Is it possible to run it on Mac or Linux based systems? What are your thoughts about unpacking the asar file and repacking it for these OS?

2. When I try to "Test code with Arduino IDE" or "Transfer to board" I get an error message that says:

"Error: unknown command ".\\tmp" for "arduino-cli"
Run 'arduino-cli --help' for usage."

I believe I found this unknown command inside the app.asar file (BlocklyArduino_AIO-master\B@electron\resources\app.asar) but could not look or test further than this. Some of the command lines look similar to this: "var cmd = 'arduino-cli.exe compile --fqbn ' + upload_arg + ' ' + file_path" so maybe "upload_arg" is empty?

Thanks for your attention. I'm looking forward to your reply.
Greetings from Brazil! :)


I'm always very happy to know that my software and my work is appreciated and that it's useful! Plus from Brazil...for a teacher who codes at night to help beginners with this software, I'm very proud, thank you.

More seriously, I'm not at all a specialist in using Electron to create applications. But my goal is to start again from scratch ( to master the multiplatform creation and propose something... Here the current pb is that everything is oriented for the detection of COM ports in Windows, especially in Electron scripts. These are the ones that need to be modified.

For the other pb, it is imperative to select a card, and a COM port to have arguments in the command line. Maybe it would be enough to create the 'tmp' folder in the 'arduino' folder.

Thanks for telling me if it works, good tests.